Building Solid Network Foundations

LanSource, Inc. provides structured cabling
solutions for voice and data critical
applications in corporate, health care, and
campus environments.

Telephone Systems

In addition to our structured cabling services, LanSource sells, installs and maintains business telephone systems.

NEC DS 1000/2000

All New System Architecture Built for the 21st Century.

NEC's legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the innovative DS1000/2000 32-bit architecture. This new concept features Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, on-board flash memory and field software upgradeability that means you can grow the system as you grow your business, while keeping your initial installation investment in common equipment intact.

The compact DS1000 starts with 3 lines, 8 stations and 4 analog ports. It expands to 6 lines, 16 stations and 8 analog ports just by plugging in a single expansion board. The basic DS2000 system is available with 4 slots and 48 ports. It is easily expandable to 8 slots and 104 ports by upgrading to a 104-port cabinet.

Small system owners will appreciate the convenience of built-in features such as Caller ID to identify incoming callers even before the call is answered. Caller ID logging lets you keep a record of incoming calls, Make Call makes it easy to call them back and Caller ID Check lets you check the calling number of a call answered by another telephone even while that call is in progress.

The DS1000 includes built-in interfaces for industry standard telephones which can include cordless instruments as well as Caller ID phones. Plus the DS1000 has a built-in interface for a door answer box.