Building Solid Network Foundations

LanSource, Inc. provides structured cabling
solutions for voice and data critical
applications in corporate, health care, and
campus environments.

Fiber Optic Cable

Belden IBDN FiberExpress Cabling :

FiberExpress Solutions offer exceptionally quick and accessible installation due to superior technological compatibility and cost effectiveness. Our solutions allow smooth network operation and more efficient network management.

FiberExpress Solutions: Maximum distances

This pdf document is a quick visual guide of Belden IBDN FiberExpress Solutions maximum reach distances in relation with the 1 Gb and 10Gb applications. For detailled information, please contact a CSV near you.

FiberExpress Fiber-To-the-Desk Systems

Whether for horizontal distribution or centralized cabling, our solutions include a wide range of products such as work area outlets and large capacity fiber management products that make the fiber-to-the-desk application a reality.

FiberExpress Backbone Systems

Belden CDT Networking's vast experience in fiber technology proves successful when adapting to different environments, whether indoor, outdoor or both. Our solutions can accommodate either small or large high-speed backbones. Due to the factors of backbone-required bandwidth (10 times the horizontal) and the fiber ports with which electronics are typically equipped, FiberExpress is also cost effective to install.

FiberExpress Pre-connectorized System

The ultimate in quick, easy and reliable optical networking is the FiberExpress Pre-connectorized System. All components are factory-connectorized and fully tested to ensure fast deployment and tremendous reliability in traditional LAN applications, and in specialized applications such as Internet Data Centers and Storage Area Networks. The FiberExpress Pre-connectorized System is also well suited for temporary situations, such as recovery installations or convention center services.